Monday, March 5, 2007

it boggles the mind.

this is my good friend miss lottie. lottie is a boston terrier but we have a lot in common. we are the same size, we are the same colours, our mother's are both artists, we own the same $60 sweater, and we are both super cute (sometimes i think my mom thinks lottie is cuter than me....this makes me sad, in a mad way). anyway, lottie's mom threw a fabulous boggle party the other night. they wouldn't let US play, but it seems they all had fun (what with the uproarious laughter all night) AND there was plenty of cheese and bits of crackers on the floor for us to snack on. boggle parties rock !

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Miss Wilma, you are welcome to come over any time to play games of intellect & fish for chance morsels of cheese!
Miss Lottie