Sunday, March 4, 2007

the bad kind of fleas.

today my mom went to the flea market and left me home alone for FIVE HOURS !!!!! something about dogs not being allowed in the market. anyway, i don't think i would have had fun there. just a bunch of old dusty junk. she is always dragging home old suitcases and rusty things that smell like mold. i'm not sure why. luckily, she took me to the park when she got back. my friend angus was there. i let him chase me.


gee said...

arf arf arf woof. arf woof grr. arf.


o, wilma! I am so sorry you stayed home and did not make it to the market. There are no good kinds of fleas.

You look like you are packed and ready for the Trans-Siberia express. I know you have the perfect woolen outfit for the trip.


Miss Lottie