Sunday, March 11, 2007

a little corny.

last night we had dinner at jessie + otto's house. SO FUN ! we tried to trick the grown-ups by me sitting under baby otto's high chair and he tossing down all of the food he didn't want to eat. we would have gotten away with it, except that neither of us would eat the corn kernels. the floor suddenly became a sea of corn. luckily, everyone thought it was funny. then otto and i sat on the couch to rest our full, but happy, bellies.........we make a good team.

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cdunn said...

Dear Wilma,
Do you remember William, your cousin? Well, I remember you and I think it is the weirdest thing that you don't like corn. If I was under Otto then you could have given me all of the kernals that you and Otto didn't eat because corn is the only vegetable that I willingly eat without my mother making me.
P.S. Why do you push the flower pot around at verdigris?