Friday, February 26, 2010

to grandmother's house i went.

i LOVE visiting my grandma's house. there, i have a HUGE stash of toys and i love every single one of them. my mom left me there when she went down to LA last week. i got to sleep in the bed with my grandma . . . though she wouldn't let me sleep under the covers at her feet because she thought i would stop breathing (not because of the foot smell but because of the lack of air down there) . . . so she kept pulling me up to put my head on the pillow next to hers.


rebecca said...

Dear Wilma,

My name is Buddy, and I am a two year old schnauzer. I think I am in love with you. Every time I see you picture here, my heart skips a beat. (Please don't tell Megan, the poodle next door. She thinks I'm her boyfriend, but she is a little too fancy for me.)I'm glad you had a good time at your gramdmother's house.

Jennifer said...

Dear Wilma,
I am Nilou, the westie you are supposed to meet when you come to the east coast. I sleep under the covers every night and it's true that I have to snorkle my way to my mom's pillow after a while. It gets too hot.
I am envious of your toy basket!

rae dunn. said...

hi buddy, wilma here. i think we should set up some sort of rendezvous. i'll bring charlie bears if you bring some sort of beverage ?! i'm with you, poodles are for the fancy birds. i'm as down to earth as they come.


rae dunn. said...

hi nilou. i've been hearing a lot about you and hope we can meet next time i'm in vermont. you look really cute in the pictures i've seen you in !