Sunday, February 15, 2009

rubber bands for lips.

my mom thinks that my lips look like rubber bands. she gave me SO many lip kisses yesterday because it was valentine's day, and because she loves my lips. my dad, on the other hand, refers to my lips as "inner tubes" and he prefers to kiss me on the head. either way, i got lots of love yesterday. i hope you did too.


Vicki P. said...

Hi Wilma, my name is Pearl. Cindy Shake or maybe it was Tauzer recommended your blog. I love it. You can check mine out. I just started. It's I love going to the beach. I have been to the beach in Oregon. There were great things to role in.

DingoGirl said...

OMG! These lips are like Weezee's, and I highly suspect that she and Wilma both wear gloss from Sephora. I can't stop kissing The Weezel's shiny black lips either ♥